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Why Own a Wellness Docs Franchise & Become a Part of the Wellness Revolution?

Owning a Wellness Docs franchise offers a unique opportunity to operate a flourishing business underpinned by a culture of high performance and teamwork. This venture provides the rewards of lifestyle flexibility, predictable revenue streams, and a significant, enduring impact on your community's health and wellness.

As a Wellness Docs franchise partner, you're not just opening a health center; you're joining a movement dedicated to redefining health care. Our mission is to revolutionize how people approach their well-being, helping them realize their healthiest lives in both tangible and meaningful ways. Embrace the opportunity to make a real difference in how your community views health and wellness.

Welcome to Our Franchise Opportunity

Are you passionate about health and wellness? Do you dream of making a meaningful impact in your community? Owning a Wellness Docs franchise offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the wellness revolution. Join us in our mission to deliver holistic and integrative health services nationwide.

Why Choose Wellness Docs?

Pioneering in Holistic Health

Wellness Docs is a leader in holistic health and wellness, offering a wide range of services from nutritional counseling to advanced therapies.

Proven Business Model

Benefit from a business model with a track record of success, designed for scalability and sustainability.

Comprehensive Support

Receive extensive training, marketing guidance, and ongoing operational support to ensure your franchise thrives.

Growing Market

Capitalize on the increasing demand for holistic health and wellness services.

Community Impact

Make a lasting difference in the lives of people in your community by offering services that truly enhance their well-being.

Financial Opportunity

Leverage our established brand and operational model for strong revenue potential and business growth.

Franchisee Requirements

Commitment to Excellence

A dedication to maintaining the high standards of Wellness Docs in customer care and service quality.

Business Acumen

Strong management skills and a solid understanding of business operations, preferably with experience in the health sector.

Financial Investment

The ability to meet the financial investment requirements for establishing and operating a Wellness Docs franchise.

Franchise Support System

Training and Education

Comprehensive training program covering all aspects of running a Wellness Docs franchise, including staff training, service protocols, and business management.

Marketing and Branding

Access to our marketing tools and strategies, as well as guidance on effectively positioning your franchise in the local market.

Operational Assistance

Ongoing support from our experienced team to ensure smooth operations and continuous growth.

How to Get Started


Fill out our inquiry form below to express your interest.


Engage in a discovery process to learn more about the Wellness Docs franchise opportunity.

Approval and Onboarding

Upon approval, embark on your journey with comprehensive onboarding and training.

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The Six Steps to Wellness Docs Franchise Ownership

Step 1: Initial Consultation with the Franchise Sales Team

The first step in your journey is an introductory call with our Franchise Sales Team. This conversation is an opportunity for you to learn more about the Wellness Docs brand, our values, and what we offer. It also allows us to understand your interests and expectations as a potential franchise owner.

Step 2: Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

After the initial consultation, you'll be given access to our Franchise Disclosure Document. This document provides comprehensive information about the Wellness Docs franchise, including financial performance, franchisee obligations, and the support provided by the franchisor. Reviewing the FDD is crucial in helping you make an informed decision.

Step 3: Submit Your Franchise Application

If you feel that Wellness Docs aligns with your business goals, the next step is to complete and submit a franchise application. This application gathers more detailed information about your background, financial status, and business acumen, ensuring that you are a good fit for the Wellness Docs franchise model.

Step 4: Attend Discovery Day at the Wellness Docs Support Center

Upon reviewing your application, if we find a potential match, you’ll be invited to attend a Discovery Day at our Wellness Docs Support Center. This event is a chance for you to meet our team, understand our operational model, and get a firsthand experience of what it's like to be part of the Wellness Docs family.

Step 5: Franchise Award

Following Discovery Day, if both parties are confident in moving forward, we proceed to the awarding of the franchise. This step formalizes your entry into the Wellness Docs network and marks the beginning of our partnership.

Step 6: Preparing for Your Wellness Docs Franchise Launch

With the franchise awarded, you’ll embark on the exciting journey of opening your Wellness Docs location. Our team will provide you with comprehensive support in areas such as site selection, training, marketing, and ongoing operations to ensure a successful launch and continued growth of your franchise.

Your venture into Wellness Docs franchise ownership is not just a business decision, but a step towards promoting holistic health and wellness in your community. We look forward to partnering with you on this rewarding journey.