Our Mission at Wellness Docs

Wellness Docs has been more than just another name in the vast sea of healthcare companies. We aim to lead the nation in genuine, holistic healthcare, positioning holistic healthcare as a first-line solution. The idea is simple but powerful; instead of only turning to holistic options when traditional medicine fails, why not make it a first choice? With an unwavering commitment to holistic healthcare, we envision a future where Wellness Docs clinics grace all 50 states. A nation where every American can have access to reliable, holistic healthcare. We are devoted to being a beacon of hope for those patients seeking to live more of a holistic lifestyle.

Our Origin

Our mission stems from a deep desire to reshape the current narrative surrounding America's healthcare shortcomings. A journey spanning a decade and touching tens of thousands of lives, Wellness Docs was born from a place of deep concerns and a profound need to bring about change to the current healthcare system. The Wellness Docs initiative was born out of genuine concern and frustration.

Dr. Garrett Gallentine, the founder and CEO of Wellness Docs, witnessed the pitfalls of our failing healthcare system up close and personal. The system that was supposed to be a lifeline for individuals was peppered with shortcomings. From misdiagnoses to fragmented care, to a lack of proper guidance from other medical professionals. He frequently encountered patients who had waited for months, or even years, without getting the proper care they needed before finally coming to his clinic. But for him, these weren't just observations; they were catalysts for change. He firmly believed that every patient, every individual, deserved more than just the status quo—more than mere temporary fixes or disconnected healthcare solutions. His frustration turned into determination; and determination led to the birth of Wellness Docs.

It's more than just a medical facility; it's a revolution. This movement seeks to address the glaring flaws in American healthcare while fervently advocating for holistic health. We aim to elevate it from being a mere alternative to a recognized and essential facet of primary health care.